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How to Become a Nanny?

How to Become a Nanny?

If you are willing to become a Nanny or want to choose Nanny as profession then you must know who is Nanny and what are the duties or responsibilities of a Nanny.

Who is Nanny?

Nanny is a trained to take care of child from the birth to 7 years and is the one who is fully responsible in development as well as well-being of the child. Nanny is hired for full time for taking child care and work as long term.

Responsibilities of Nanny

A Nanny works in partnership with the family in development of the child. Nannies duties include the child laundry, cleanliness of child equipment, toys and rooms and, if required, have to prepare meal for child. Nannies also have to drop and pick child from schools or nurseries. Other activities such as visits to the swimming pool and library will also be the responsibility of the nanny so as to promote the social and educational development of the children. It’s a nanny’s responsibility to prepare child daily schedules and engage him/her in activities for their development such as physically, mentally and emotional growth of the child.

Nanny Coaching In Punjab


Skills required being a Nanny

  • Building close and trusted relationships with parents and especially with child.
  • Must be good in planning activities for child that are fun and help development.
  • Must have the ability to handle unexpected situations.
  • Must know how to stay calm under pressure.
  • Requires a lots of energy and stamina
  • Sensitive and understanding and can understand the reaction of other people’s.
  • Should be flexible and open for change.


Qualification required to be a Nanny

There is no specific qualification required to be a nanny. Candidate who is 12th pass can be a nanny. But, to be a nanny candidate must have a certified diploma or degree from reputed institute in child care.

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