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Nanny Coaching Chandigarh

Nanny Course Coaching Institute in Chandigarh

Eden Immigration’s Nanny Course Coaching Institute in Chandigarh is a perfect destination for international parents to learn how to take care of their children while they are away. We have developed an exclusive curriculum that combines the best of both worlds – the well-established methods of nannies with the latest technological solutions. Students will leave our classes with a comprehensive guide to preparing their kids for the transition from home to the hostel and back again.

Nanny Course Coaching Institute in Chandigarh provides professional training of nannies and caregivers. Specialize in #nanny training, child care training and #caregiving course as well as other related courses for women.

Eden Group Chandigarh is the professional nanny course institute in Chandigarh that offers education in nanny courses. We provide the best Nanny coaching in Chandigarh.

nanny care course in chandigarh

Who are Nanny

Nanny is a person usually an adult who is hired for full time for taking care of a child. She works on a long term. Basically a nanny’s duties includes looking after the child, feeding, bathing, supervising the schedule of playing and also helping the child in homework and any school related work. A nanny also cooks a child’s meals. In other words we can say that she is responsible for a child’s development.

Difference between a Nanny and babysitter

People might get confused about nanny and babysitter but they are very different from each other. There are some basic differences they have

  • Nanny as we have mentioned above is full responsible for a child’s care and development but babysitter only keeps an eye on the child when child’s parents are not at home.
  • Nanny’s job is full time while babysitter stays with the child only for few hours.
  • Nanny should be an adult while babysitter might not be adult. This is not necessary for being babysitter.
  • Nanny’s salary is higher than a babysitter because of nanny’s responsibilities.
  • A nanny should have good qualification and experience in taking care of a child for better service but for the job of babysitter one does not need any kind of qualification.

Qualification for becoming Nanny

There is no specific qualification for becoming a nanny. A candidate who wants to be nanny should be 10th or 12th passed but the important thing is that a nanny should have qualification in child care or any qualification related to child development. Nowadays there are many degree and diploma courses are available in institutes. To become nanny just contact Eden immigration, Eden immigration now ready to provides the Best Nanny coaching in Punjab after getting very successfully result in Chandigarh. If you want to know about the other facts related to nanny coaching or it’s related working visa or finding best Nanny coaching in Punjab or have any confusion about it so now you don’t need to worry just call us, we will provide you a complete guidance and try to provide you best solutions that is why we are the best Nanny coaching institute in Chandigarh.

Required Skills a Nanny must have

There are some basic skills a nanny should have for the better care of a child. Since being a nanny is a big responsibility. Eden immigration which provides best nanny coaching in Chandigarh helps to develops those following skills.

Nanny should be interested in child’s development

It is a great thing if a nanny shows interest in developing child or in other words a nanny should be determined for the child’s development

Nanny should have domestic skills

Nanny should also have domestic skills and also nanny should also have first aid knowledge for the better care for a child. These skills are really required if one wants to perform their job better.

Nanny should be flexible

Nanny should be flexible for working for many hours. She should be supportive and should also be tolerant. Apart from that the most important skill she should have is that the nanny should have love for a child.

Questions related to Nanny

There are a few questions about nanny

Q: Does a nanny live with the family?

Ans: Yes they live with the family because then the nanny can pay full attention to a child’s care and development.

Q: In what duration a nanny receive one’s salary?

Ans: Nanny gets salary on weekly or bi-weekly basis Sometimes on the monthly basis.

Why choose Eden

Eden immigration provides best nanny coaching Chandigarh. We

  • 100% success rates
  • Teaching nanny’s skills in the best way
  • Flexible timings for nanny classes
  • Less students in each batch
  • Having five plus years experience
  • Best infrastructure and well experienced teachers
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